We’re going to miss the beach, pool parties and outdoor concerts of summer. But the daily doses of sun, salt water and chlorine are all taking their tolls on our skin and hair. As we transition into Fall, where flyaways are no longer in style and tans aren’t available to hide imperfections, it’s time to fix the damage summer has done. Here are four easy, low cost ways to get your skin and hair ready for Fall.

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1. Slough away that rough summer skin.

A proper deep exfoliation will get rid of the dry, dead skin cells to reveal smooth skin, as well as allow skin to better absorb the treatments in the steps to follow.

Bliss Spa carries several affordable spa quality body scrubs that make the deep exfoliation ritual an affordable treat and something to look forward to. Our favorite Bliss Lemon + Sage body scrub smells amazing and leaves your skin smooth without being too harsh.

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2. Invest in a deep repair hair mask.

Dry hair, a result of weakened hair fibers and over exposure to sun in the summer, really does give off a noticeably dull and lackluster appearance.

Two of our favorite hair masks are Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque, which smells absolutely amazing and leaves your hair extra silky, or Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask, made with jojoba oil which is known for its ability to restore natural silkiness to hair. Now, if you’ve seen these products in stores you might be thinking that these are not price friendly products.

The first time I ever purchased the Macadamia Oil Mask, I was in a beauty salon and the 16.9oz tub was marked $39.99 (and it was on sale). You can find the same product online for as low as $24.99. This is a golden rule here at LuxeSave – test in person, buy online! You’ll save from 30-50% off your purchases, as well as get tons of additional products in gifts. If you’re an impulse buyer or procrastinator interested in learning more about smart shopping, we’re here to teach you our ways.

3. Upgrade to a heavy duty moisturizer.

In cooler weather women tend to develop dry and tight patches of skin across the face. A deep hydrating mask twice a week will relieve dryness and keep skin supple as we head into Fall.

Our favorite value moisturizer comes from none other than Clinique. The Dramatically Different Moisturizer is affordable at just $26 for 4.2oz, and leaves skin super soft, hydrated and silky. This moisturizer delivers extra hydration, so if you have oilier skin, opt for the sister version Dramatically Different Moisturizing gel.

Both are great values, and right now you can take advantage of Clinique Bonus Time at Bloomies and get a free cosmetic bag filled with 8 Clinique gifts. Clinique Bonus Time occurs less frequently than other brands so make sure you’re taking advantage of these offers as they come around.

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